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Upload errors (IE7, IIS7, Silverlight/Flash + client certificates)

  •  01-21-2009, 4:21 AM

    Upload errors (IE7, IIS7, Silverlight/Flash + client certificates)


    we are experiencing major problems trying to upload files via the Ajax Uploader. We are running Windows Server 2008 with IIS7. The authentication on the webserver is done via SSL128 and client certificates.

    We are using Microsoft IE7 for testing. The amount or size of files doesn't really matter, sometimes even a single file triggers the error. We tried to reduce the problem areas by disabling the plugins of IE. The behaviour changed as follows:

    Silverlight: ERROR
    Silverlight Disabled, Flash Enabled: ERROR

    Silverlight disabled, flash disabled: WORKING
    Since the problem didn't occur during previous internal testing, we suspected a problem with the server configuration. It looks like the cause of the problem is the authentication using client certificates.
    Normal SSL works fine. As soon as we enable client certifactes we get the errors as stated above.
    We would really appreciate a little help getting the uploader to work. Thanks in advance!

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