Re: Cute Editor Gives license error for certain users

  •  03-10-2005, 11:12 AM

    Re: Cute Editor Gives license error for certain users

    I've double and triple checked this - the license is valid.  If it is not a valid license, then why would it load for some people, but not for these two specific users?  Also, why would it load for those  2 users, after someone else used it first, but not before.  This happens every morning.  If it wasn't a valid license, it would not work for anyone, right? 

    My current line of thought is that this is related to some problem those two users have on their local machine.  They must have a spam blocker, or something that is interfering with the page load.  That doesn't accound for the "not valid" error, though, since it originates on the server.  I just can't figure out how the same license loads fine for some people, while not loading for these two.

    It makes troubleshooting difficult because I can't repeat the errors.  it loads perfectly fine for me.

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