Experiencing slowness with large file sizes

  •  08-05-2008, 11:50 AM

    Experiencing slowness with large file sizes

    We are using CuteEditor to post administrative rules to the Montana Administrative Rules site. We experience slowness when files are large. I suspect that we need to change the file size in the config file and I would like to propose this to our vendor if I can get confirmation that this might be the problem.
    Kathleen Ely
    Montana Secretary of State
    From one of my co-workers:

    Yesterday we spoke about slowness in the Editor.  

    Mark S has had problems with it and we have seen it here in the office too. 

    We have a temporary person who is working to align text and fix other problems as she goes through them. 

    She is seeing problems with documents that tend to be larger than what is typical.  

    The text does not always have tables, but sometimes does – but the problem exists.  

    She is noting that when she goes to click into an area, e.g. place the cursor in front of a word or number there is a substantial wait. 10-15 seconds, she then either corrects the text or adds spaces as needed to obtain proper alignment. Sometimes the changes move directly in, other times it is slow.

    She also notices that when she tries to position the scroll bar on the side that there are delays too.  

    She also notes that the periodically the page refreshes.

    The amount of time spent on waiting is inordinate to the task. She is spending over an hour per page just to correct appearance and other changes and time is lost waiting for the editor to become responsive.  

    Yesterday when I looked at 2008 / 18 / 42-2-776 I experienced a lot of the same, but I have not noticed that page re-fresh problem.

    I did note that when looking at the task manager that there is no communications in bound or outbound, but I am noting that my cpu utilization runs high while the editor is in use and spikes when performing operations that are typical of editing and that kernel times appear high in addition to high cpu utilization. 

    I would appreciate it if you could solve this problem with the editor.
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