New version for sample project (LiveSupportWeb.sln) does not compile

  •  11-03-2007, 1:18 AM

    New version for sample project (LiveSupportWeb.sln) does not compile

    I unpacked the new 4.0 version and opened the "web" folder in Visual Studio 2005. After conversion I compiled the project, however I get the the following 12 errors (all the same error):

    The name 'GlobalAsax' does not exist in the current context.

    This error appears on the following four pages:

    • Register.aspx
    • ManageUsers.aspx
    • ChangePassword.aspx
    • ManageAdministrators.aspx

    Note that there is not a "." in GlobalAsax

    I was able to successfully move the CuteSoft_Client folder into an existing website, modify my Global.asax, and get the Live Support Operator client to talk to the website and call GetUserInfo, but until the Live Support Operator admin user configured as an "Operator" in the database tables the Live Support operator will fail login.

    Without a compile-able administration interface I can't set up the admin user as a live operator.

    I would have gone directly into the tables to make an admin an operator, but the new table structure has changed significantly and it is not obvious what fields I should modify manually in the database to accomplish this.  

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