Tooltips and ALT attribute

  •  04-20-2007, 5:05 PM

    Tooltips and ALT attribute

    Hello Adam,

    last year I acquired a DotNetGallery license, but it is only now that I have the occasion to seriously work with it. Although the core functionality works perfectly, I have encountered a problem that must be considered as a serious accessibility drawback:

    The texts that are contained in the language files (*.xml) are wrongly assigned  only to the ALT attributes of the images in question. The function of the ALT attribute, however, is primarily an alternative representation of the image content for screen readers and text-only browsers. It is not meant to serve as a Tooltip container. A problem arises in that standards conforming browsers like Firefox or Opera do not display the content of the ALT attribute (there ist no problem with IE).

    For text to function as a tooltip, it should generally be assigned to the Title attribute.  I may be a bit naive, but I think it should not be to difficult to change the rendering of the control such that the relevant texts are assigned to both the ALT and the TITLE attributes.


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