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Anchor Bug

Last post 05-31-2007, 11:50 PM by Adam. 35 replies.
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  •  06-22-2005, 2:55 PM 7917

    Anchor Bug

    ok, the insert-anchor-dialog is nice, but the following behaviour is a problem;

    cuteeditor used on admin.aspx to change content;
    a) insert anchor #top
    b) save
    c) change sth, switch between normal/html view; -> explorer changes link to http://myweb/admin.aspx#top
    d) save, which then cuts the link to admin.aspx#top; this is nice, but nevertheless wrong when writing the content to another page, the link should point to #top, not to admin.aspx#top ..

    this bug/problem was already reported on 2005-06-16 in this forum, but his post has not been answered yet;
    maybe there's a switch to tell cuteeditor, not only to strip the folderpath, but also the documentname of the page he is used on (here admin.aspx) ??? or could it be built?

  •  06-22-2005, 3:04 PM 7919 in reply to 7917

    Re: Anchor Bug

  •  06-22-2005, 6:10 PM 7940 in reply to 7919

    Re: Anchor Bug

    sorry, wrong dll; mine was or sth. like that, didn't notice upgrade to 4.5;
    problem seems to have disappeared;
    thank you!
  •  06-29-2005, 7:55 AM 8152 in reply to 7940

    Re: Anchor Bug

    sorry, but a variation of the problem seems to be there again;
    1) open the example Relative-or-Absolute-URLs.aspx
    2) now insert a link to some file, downloads/test.jpg for example;
    3) post -> the link points to /downloads/test.jpg
    4) switch to htmlview, switch back to normal view;
    5) post again -> the link points to

    this is a problem for me, the reasons r 2:

    a) my application architecture

     my folderstructure:
        show.aspx (writes the content to the user)  
           /downloads (is a virtual entry pointing to ../downloads)
           /images (is a virtual entry pointing to ../images)
    u see, the editor is placed in another folder than the aspx which puts the content to the website; to overcome the problems, all linked data (images, downloads) is placed in two folders which are referenced by virtual entries in the maintenance app, so /downloads/test.jpg is valid for the maintenance app and for the website itself;

    if sb saves his stuff in normalview after switching the links point into the maintenace folder, which may be valid as links but leads to problem as normal visitors have no right to access data in the maintenance folder;

    b) when using anchors in the page the output of cute editor is simply wrong;
    for example, my link points to #top; save it and open um switch to html, back and save; and now the link points to http://cms/maintenance/#top which is simply wrong;

    and .. no, the workaround to set the link to show.aspx#top does not work, because show.aspx gets many more parameters (displayed menus and so on) and i don't think my user would be very happy if they had to know my app-architecture just to edit their content :-))

    if u switch back to html and save, the link is corrected in the samples downloaded with cuteeditor; but this doesn't work online
  •  06-30-2005, 10:16 AM 8219 in reply to 8152

    Re: Anchor Bug

  •  06-30-2005, 10:43 AM 8220 in reply to 8219

    Re: Relative or Absolute URLs:

    That's the IE behaviour. Internet Explorer converts all URLs in hyperlinks (anchor tags) and images (img tags) to absolute URLs with the hostname name.

    Cute Editor found a solution to this issue.

    1. If you type <img height=100 src="/uploads/Cindy_Crawford.jpg" width=124 border=0>, after you click the submit button, the content generated from the editor is "<img height=100 src="/uploads/Cindy_Crawford.jpg" "

    2. If you type <img height=100 src="../uploads/Cindy_Crawford.jpg" width=124 border=0>, after you click the submit button, the content generated from the editor is "<img height=100 src="../uploads/Cindy_Crawford.jpg" "

    3. If you type <IMG height=100 src="/uploads/Cindy_Crawford.jpg" width=124 border=0> after you click the submit button, the content generated from the editor is <IMG height=100 src="/uploads/Cindy_Crawford.jpg" width=124 border=0>"

    I understand you may still have problems.
    Can you put your site online and send the URL to us?

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  •  05-25-2006, 12:04 PM 19509 in reply to 8220

    Re: Relative or Absolute URLs:

    Hi guys, great product and all the rest.  The best HTML editor for that I've seen. 
    I have to say that I've come across the same issue with anchor links which go to the same page, as previous users. 
    I'm slightly different from other users though, in that I'm not using the out-of-the-box link button for creating anchor links - I've created my own button which allows for a custom dialog which creates links from other applications into the html. 
    Basically this button pops up a custom dialog which people select a value from i.e. an existing anchor link on the same page.  Then, I have a function which gets this value and outputs it into the code.  This seems to be where my problem lies:
    my code looks like this:
    CuteEditor_GetEditor(this).ExecCommand('PasteHTML', false, "" + strLink + "")
    where strLink is a value thats passed in from the custom dialog from before.  Now if I check out the value of strLink before running this line, it gives a value of:
    <a href="#nameofanchor">texthere</a>
    but when I run the ExecCommand command, it adds the editor page to before the hyperlink e.g:
    <a href="http://minnovpt01:9992/Pages/ContentEditor.aspx#nameofanchor">texthere</a>
    Any ideas?  I'd be really appreciative of any help I could get with why ExecCommand screws up my anchor tag.  Or perhaps even pointers on documentation for how the ExecCommand/PasteHTML thing works..
  •  05-25-2006, 1:54 PM 19512 in reply to 19509

    Re: Relative or Absolute URLs:

    Thanks for the nice comments about CuteEditor.
    Please try the PasteHTML(html) JavaScript API:
    CuteEditor_GetEditor(this).PasteHTML('<a href="#nameofanchor">texthere</a>');
    Keep me posted
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  •  05-30-2006, 8:45 AM 19601 in reply to 19512

    Re: Relative or Absolute URLs:

    hi Adam, thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
    I tried the PasteHTML function as you showed in your previous post, but it gave me the same results that I had when using the ExecCommand function. 
    Do you have any other things that I could try? 
    Is it a bug in IE, that it always outputs the current editor page in the beginning before the hash?
    Thanks for spending time on this.
  •  05-30-2006, 11:28 AM 19605 in reply to 19601

    Re: Relative or Absolute URLs:

    >> it a bug in IE, that it always outputs the current editor page in the beginning before the hash?

    There is  an bug in IE. But Cute Editor already took care of it.
    Can you tell me which version of Cute Editor are you using?
    Can you download the version 5.3 and try again?
    Keep me posted
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  •  02-09-2007, 1:41 PM 26565 in reply to 19605

    Re: Relative or Absolute URLs:

    When I use Cute Editor.NET 5.3 inside of a third-party TAB control (Tabular control), the anchor bug is still there. The TAB control is Javascript based. I want to contact the vendor of Tabular control to report the problem. But I'm afraid that they might say it is Cute Editor's problem. Could you tell me what case (any html tags or style) can prevent Cute Editor from fixing the anchor bug?
  •  02-09-2007, 2:56 PM 26573 in reply to 26565

    Re: Relative or Absolute URLs:

    Can you show me the problems in more details? Or show us how to reproduce this in the following links?
    If you can't reproduce the issue here, can you create a simple example and put it online?
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  •  02-15-2007, 3:47 PM 26744 in reply to 26573

    Re: Relative or Absolute URLs:

    May I also ask anchor question?

    I tried it on the pages with links you asked and it produces the same wrong result.

    Insert text shown bellow in HTML mode, Click Normal and HTML back - text will be converted to not well-formed html.

    The reason is the custom attribute "xpath"! Without it - everything looks OK

    <a href="#" xpath="." onclick="return false"><img src="image/AddButton_Up.gif" border="0"/>Add Task</a>
    Please send notification of answering at
  •  02-26-2007, 6:26 PM 26983 in reply to 26573

    Re: Relative or Absolute URLs:

    I can reproduce the problem in your link finally. It happens when I use Absolute Urls setting (Editor1.UseRelativeLinks = false and Editor1.RemoveServerNamesFromUrl = false) and the page has 2 or more querystring items.
    The following are the steps to reproduce the problems:
    1. Click the link which has 2 querystring items:
    2. Click the radio button "Use Absolute Urls".
    3. Switch to "HTML" view, and insert an anchor link: <a href="#top">top</a>
    4. Switch to "Normal" view then switch back to "HTML" view, you will find the anchor link has been changed as following:
    <a href=";param2=2#top">top</a>
    The anchor link works fine when the page doesn't have any querystring item or only has one. My page needs many querystring items, and I must use Absolute Urls setting. Any idea to solve the problem?
  •  02-26-2007, 6:59 PM 26984 in reply to 26573

    Anchors Away! I concur - anchors are problematic

    My users are pulling there hair out with Anchors. The div's, where the cursor gets placed and reformatting to xhtml on submission seem to each have something to do with this...Will provide test scenario as I get it...
    Latest version
    OK It's Firefox that has the issues with anchors. IE works fine. With Firefox my content get's blown away.
    Take this content I submitted in the editor with IE 7 browser and cut out of html view::
    html in txt file - grab it from view source of browser 
    Pate into demo editor using html view on firefox
    Add some text to bottom of page and then add an achor called "testlink" placed at the beginning of the added text
    At the top of the page create a link to the new anchor
    Check the box to see anchors
    >> new anchor does not appear in list when checkbox for reviewing anchors is clicked
    Uncheck box
    Type in your anchor name "#testlink"
    >>content does not appear and anchor does not work

  •  04-14-2007, 1:02 AM 28339 in reply to 26984

    Re: Anchors Away! I concur - anchors are problematic


    Version 6.0 is out.  This issue is resolved in this new release.
    It's a free upgrade.

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  •  05-17-2007, 4:25 PM 29784 in reply to 28339

    Anchors in Firefox Mac deleting Client Content

    Sorry - still broken
    I just used fresh update of mac osx and firefox 2 and used your sample editor
    create ten lines of text
    enter cursor at line 5
    create an anchor using the anchor tool
    name it an OK
    select HTML view
    all content below anchor is deleted
    when I type in an anchor as in <a name="test"/> it works and I can switch views
    This is my biggest client grievance at the moment, well for a long time now.
    Can you reproduce?
  •  05-21-2007, 10:45 AM 29837 in reply to 28339

    A fix for anchors Adam?

    Anchors definitely do not work in version 6, latest build, and I have thus far received no response.

    Version 6 does seem to help with content getting blown away using mac firefox and safari BUT the anchor name and id attributes get messed up. Reprodcued in your demo site where I make 6 anchors with unique names and then submit and they all get changed to the same name

    In my app I tried creating anchors in PC and Mac Firefox 2 running version 6 and here is what I found

    In this case I made anchors to 6 spots in my content and on submission the anchors <a name="hosting" id="hosting"></a>,<a name="system" id="system"></a>, [and a few more] and <a name="support" id="support"></a>  ALL got written as the last anchor - such that when I opened back up the content in the editor I saw 6 anchors like this <a name="support" id="support"></a>
    reproducable in mac and pc firefox 2

    I went and changed in html  the syntax of anchors , and then tried this by hand and what I find is that the system behaves well when there is not an id attribute for the A element such that the following is what the system creates using the anchor tool

    <a name="hosting" id="hosting"></a>
    now this fails to save properly and the anchors get confused.

    when I change the syntax to

    <a name="hosting"></a> (along with the same method for the other anchors in my content)

    then everything works better
  •  05-21-2007, 1:54 PM 29849 in reply to 29837

    Re: A fix for anchors Adam?

  •  05-21-2007, 2:12 PM 29852 in reply to 29849

    Anchors: You say nope, I say broke

    On your example page I find two bugs with Anchors

    I am creating a special movie just for you guys to show I am not insane

    Coming in a few minutes
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