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Unable to calculate ApplicationRoot problem

Last post 06-04-2018, 8:06 AM by Kenneth. 1 replies.
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  •  11-20-2017, 5:26 PM 85439

    Unable to calculate ApplicationRoot problem

    Hi, I've installed v8.1 and it seems to only work if I run it from the installed folder. If I try to run it from anywhere else on my site, I get the "Unable to calculate ApplicationRoot" error.



    <%@  language="VBScript" %>
    <!--#include virtual="/admin/rte81/richtexteditor/include_rte.asp" -->
        Dim rte
        Set rte=new RichTextEditor



    The above code works fine if I run it from /admin/rte81/sample.asp

    But if I run it from anywhere else, eg. /admin/test/sample.asp, it fails with the error

    "Unable to calculate ApplicationRoot , make sure the files is not in virtual directory! at function Oxeb "


    Any ideas why this is? I can't use the editor if I can only run it from with the installed folder.

    Thanks for your assistance.


  •  06-04-2018, 8:06 AM 85634 in reply to 85439

    Re: Unable to calculate ApplicationRoot problem



    Can you move the richtexteditor folder to your site root to try again? this folder must put into your site root to use the rte.





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