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Web Standards Compliance

Last post 09-17-2004, 2:32 PM by Aluminum. 2 replies.
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  •  09-11-2004, 2:32 AM 1777

    Web Standards Compliance

    Since we´re all programmers I believe most of us are not really concerned about developing for Web Standards, but this is something we all should be aware and this is the right time to learn how to create XHTML pages ... the guys from Microsoft .NET team are working hard to have VS 2005 ws compliant. Right now web server controls are really quirk in respect to ws compliance and it´s being a hard task to have a website compliant too, because it´s not up to you to set the right attributes when the web server control renders, plus the way javascript auto-inserted helpers in an page which is using client-side validation again, doesn´t render in compliance, eg: <script language=javascript> from the function __doPostBack(), should be <script type="text/javascript"></script>

    Well, so the major new issue for CE will be, being compliant to XHTML rules, right?
    Reference 2: Sample, if you validate my website url for XHTML1.1: , you´ll se around 12 errors caused by web controls rendering non compliant attributes
    Well, I´m just putting some salt on the cake here, but I truly think comliance to ws is an important thing.

    »»» KenA
  •  09-13-2004, 11:17 AM 1800 in reply to 1777

    Re: Web Standards Compliance

    KenA ,

    Thanks for the useful information. Out of the box, ASP.NET 1.0/1.0 generated HTML doesn't validate too well against XHTML 1.0.
    CuteEditor right now can output well-formed XHTML. But the CuteEditor istself still can't render well against XHTML 1.0.
    Yes, it's very important. We will have a better solution when the ASP.NET 2.0 is out.

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  •  09-17-2004, 2:32 PM 1858 in reply to 1800

    Re: Web Standards Compliance

    We're having problems with both .net and cuteeditor regarding standards compliance. Cuteeditor has a ways to go.
    The only inline editor I've found that can handle it is Xstandard. And, while good, it's activex based, so not always ideal.
    We have found doing some Regex parsing of the html CuteEditor creates can fix many of the issues.
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