Class Description
Public class AttachmentItem
This class represents an Attachment Item.
Public class AttachmentItemCollection
This class represents/maintains a collection of Attachment items.
Public class AttachmentItemEventArgs
Event parameters used for events (AttachmentCheckChanged,AttachmentCreated,AttachmentDataBound,AttachmentAdded) that take an Item as one of its arguments.
Public class CEF
Public class CEU
Public class Editor
Cute Editor for ASP.NET is a powerful, professional ASP.NET Server control that enables .Net developers to embed a word processor, similar to Microsoft Word into a web page. This Web-based WYSIWYG Content Editing tool empowers business users with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for creating and publishing web content. This documentation should provide everything you need to customize the CuteEditor control for your particular application.
Public class Editor..::..CustomCultureConverter
Public class EditorLicenceProvider
Public class EditorStateChangedEventArgs
Public class EditorUtility
A utility for Cute Editor
Public class EditorUtilityCtrl
Public class EditorUtilityPage
Public class LoadHandler
Public class MvcHandler
class for ASP.NET MVC UploadHandler.ashx
Public class MvcUploader
a helper class to help you access the uploader api without the uploader control
Public class MvcUploadFile
Public class PersistedFile
This class represents a Single File object.
Public class PersistedFileEventArgs
Provides data for the FileChanged events.
Public class RichDropDownList
Represents a rich drop-down menu on the editor toolbar
Public class RichListItem
Represents a data item in a rich drop-down menu
Public class RichListItemCollection
Encapsulates a collection of RichListItem for use by the Cute Editor.
Public class StripTagOption
Specifies the way in which the control will handle the injection code.
Public class ToolControl
Represents a Cute Editor toolbar.
Public class ToolControlCollecton
Encapsulates a collection of ToolControl for use by the Cute Editor.
Public class TreeDropDownList
Public class TreeListItem
Public class TreeListItemCollection
Public class UploadAttachments
This class allows you upload multiple files with a single element. The uploaded file will be added to the list of attachments. Just the way Gmail does for email attachment.
Public class Uploader
This class represents an enhanced control for uploading files to the server.
Public class UploaderBase
The base class defines the properties, methods, and events that are shared by Uploader, UploadPersistedFile and UploadAttachments.
Public class UploaderEventArgs
Provides data for the FileValidating and FileUploaded(After Upload) events.
Public class UploaderFileSystemProvider
Public class UploaderProvider
This abstract class represents a Uploader Provider object.
Public class UploaderValidateOption
A helper class which can be used to hold validation information, used by the Ajax Uploader.
Public class UploadFileBase
Represents an UploadFileBase object.
Public class UploadModule
This class represents an Upload Module object.
Public class UploadPersistedFile
This class represents an enhanced control for uploading files to the server. The object can persist across postbacks.


  Interface Description
Public interface IAjaxUploader
internal interface
Public interface IAttachmentProvider
Represents an interface for an Attachment Provider.
Public interface IUploaderRenameProvider


  Delegate Description
Public delegate AttachmentItemEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle Attachment control events.
Public delegate EditorStateChangedEventHandler
Public delegate PersistedFileEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle Uploader control events.
Public delegate UploaderBatchEventHandler
Public delegate UploaderEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle Uploader control events.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AttachmentItemBehavior
Public enumeration AttachmentItemTemplatePosition
Specifies the Attachment Item Template Position.
Public enumeration AutoConfigure
Represents Several predefined sets of buttons. These configurations are applied using AutoConfigure property.
Public enumeration BreakElement
Determines what happens when the "enter" key is pressed in the editor
Public enumeration BrowserType
Enumerates the browser type as detected by the HTTP headers sent by the browser.
Public enumeration CultureType
Specifies the way in which the control will be localized.
Public enumeration EditorResizeMode
Editor Resize Mode
Public enumeration EmptyAlternateText
Specifies the manners in which the editor handles images without alternate text specified or images with empty alternate text.
Public enumeration HyperlinkTarget
Specifies where the linked document will be opened when the user follows a link.
Public enumeration MvcUploaderScriptSource
a enum for how the uploader render the script
Public enumeration PasteBehavior
Enumerates the manners in which the editor handles pasted text.
Public enumeration ProgressBarType
Specifies the style that a ProgressBar uses to indicate the progress of an operation.
Public enumeration TabType
Three tab display options at the bottom, left-hand corner in your Cute editor
Public enumeration ThemeType
Determines how the toolbars and its buttons and dropdownlists are displayed
Public enumeration UploadAddonButtonMode
Public enumeration UploadCursor
Specifies the upload button built in cursor types.
Public enumeration UploaderAdvancedOption
This enumeration is used by Uploader.SetAdvancedOption.
Public enumeration UploadType
The global type of upload method to use.
Public enumeration URLType
Specifies whether the URL should be converted to a site root relative path (/html/images/image1.gif) or an absolute path (